Learning Day 7

Images and Text

  • to give an individual touch
  • to help them stand out on a page
  • for adding extra info
  • most image editing programmes contain a text tool.NB Most programmes use a proprietary file format for saving images, in additioon to the standard Web formats such as jPEG. When adding text to an image it is a good idea to save a copy of the finished version in the proprietary format as well as the format required for use on the Web. This makes editing the text possible.

Inserting images

  • not inserted directly into HTML document
  • a reference is inserted that instructs the browser where to locate the image
  • this can also contain details about where the image is to be positioned. (see page 41, Vandone, Nick)

See https://support.wordpress.com  for information on how to Post by email. (inserting images into wordpress blogs)


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